snack of the week: s’mores from S’amore

this saturday, i made my first stop at Brooklyn’s DeKalb Market. it’s a mix of food and retail vendors selling their wares out of salvaged shipping containers. great idea, right?

except that now i have what could become a serious problem – constant cravings for homemade s’mores from s’amore.

i had the classic combo – homemade honey graham cracker with homemade vanilla marshmallow and a little bit of chocolate. the marshmallow gets toasted with a little mini-torch, and damn if it’s not the best thing i’ve eaten in the last 4 days.

the great thing is that you can choose from all kinds of marshmallows… vanilla, peppermint, chai…and different kinds of graham cracker… chocolate, salted caramel, pumpkin…and instead of a square of chocolate, you can have nutella, a peanut butter cup, or cream cheese frosting! (these are just a few options – see more here!)

the other great thing is that two NYC gals started this business. love that!

(photo courtesy of

bakery love…

i found myself wandering for coffee in my sister’s neighborhood several weeks back. she said, “there’s a starbucks down the street.” (yeah, right, i thought.) ¬†walking down Smith St. i saw a little chalkboard sign for Bien Cuit. someone had drawn the most adorable cup of steaming coffee on the sign. it was so adorbs i went in, and immediately ¬†i was in love. they had been open only 4 days at that point, but everything was perfecto. linen cafe curtains. gorgeous sweet and savory tarts. amazing croissants and raisin breads. blonde wood tables and cherry red cabinetry.

heaven. be sure to look at their website, their pictures are approximately 100x nicer.

(photos by laurakinsey)