wanderings: south of france











Better late than never, I suppose. I’m finally paying some attention to photos i took in the south of France back in June of 2013. I spent a few days in Paris (see more about that here) before heading to Cannes for a week and taking a couple solo day trips. One was to Grasse, where I wandered the town and took a tour of legendary perfumery Fragonard. I’m still hooked on their Etoile scent. Another morning, I took a spur of the moment train ride to Antibes (I think it took all of 9 minutes) and walked by the water, peeked around the small but lovely Musée Picasso, (lots of Picasso’s food illustrations!) and had a croque-monsieur to die for before heading back to Cannes and its famed croisette. The day before coming home, we took a  ride over the border to a seaside town in Italy for lunch. Wait, did that all really happen? It’s nice to dust off these old photos and recall memories from this trip – hope you enjoy them, too.

photos 1-7: grasse  |  8-11: antibes  |  12-14: bordighera, italy

happy 4th…!




i took these during last year’s fourth of july celebration. the highlight, aside from good friends around the chimenea, was lighting the sprinklers and watching them go!

coming up next week: some bits from my trip to france. enjoy the long weekend!

(photos by laura kinsey for bklyn prairie)

picture yourself here: the catskills


my mother gets credit for finding this one: the graham & co hotel in phoenicia, ny.

seriously, i’d pack my bags this second for a weekend of hikes, bikes, fire pits and hammocks in the Catskills. wouldn’t you?

their branding is great, too. i love how they describe themselves: an update on the traditional weekend away. like this place, the vibe seems to be like summer camp for adults in the best possible way….probably with a lot less attitude, though.





(images courtesy of the graham & co website)

house envy 2.0

happy fourth of july, everyone! i hope everyone is picnicking, swimming, hiking, grilling, etc. here’s a little smattering of rooms i love, all from different houses this time. enjoy!

(image credit: top, and below: 1/2/3/4)

three-day weekends should always look like this…


this is from last year, but i did kind of the same thing this year, just in a slightly different place. the weather wasn’t the best, but that’s kind of okay. i’m still trying to figure out where i put all my summer clothing and i need to get my beach bag items figured out. i like to keep it packed so i can just grab it whenever and go!

i love hearing about everyone’s summer plans. my brother is going to turkey and some greek islands. i have many friends going to the south of france in a couple weeks. (for work. pffft.)  anyone else doing something fun?

(instagram photo by laurakinsey)

happy year of the dragon!

and gong hey fat choy! (happy new year)

i thought i’d take a trip down memory lane and look at some pictures from when i was in shanghai and hong kong two years ago. i had a great time at the bird market, the night market, the museum of city planning, an acrobatic show, and looking in all the shops. i drank coffee mixed with green tea (weird tasting to me but very popular), had amazing dim sum, and tried to eat a head-and-shell-ON shrimp with just chopsticks. that was hard.

i remember there was a lot of “big news” from around the world while i was in china… the earthquake in haiti… conan was removed as host of the tonight show… the chinese government was not pleased with a proposed arms deal between the US and Taiwan… and google’s decision to ease up on self-censorship in mainland china was making waves.  (i was traveling alone, and newspapers were my dining companions on this trip.)

here are some little links from around the web to get you in the chinese new year mood…

-vogue’s slideshow of dragon-inspired gifts

-recipe for Chap Chai, a yummy-sounding Chinese New Year dish from Chopstick Diner

-go on a food-centric walking tour of NYC’s chinatown

-take a walk down grand street and keep an eye out for vendors selling durian, that kind of stinky ugly fruit. i have enough fun watching them scoop it out of the rind…

(top two and bottom two photos were taken in hong kong, middle photos were taken in shanghai)



pre-holiday weekend fun…

i hadn’t gone up to midtown to see the twinkling holiday decorations or store windows for a couple of years. on friday, after a lovely dinner right next to the fireplace (here), mk and i went for it… the crowds are a kind of a drag but you have to just go with it. pretend you’re the only people on the street.

my favorite windows were at Bergdorf Goodman… love the giant birds wearing feathery dresses, and the girl with the loooong neck standing next to a giraffe. the Gaga windows at Barneys were also a sight to see… do you want to live in a room where everything is made of hair? where there is a swirl of hair in a picture frame made of hair? rest on a hair sofa and gaze out a window framed in hair curtains? bizarre-o but cool.

want to see where the evening ended? look here.

and… you have to watch this:

(bottom two photos are windows at Barneys; photos above are windows at Bergdorf Goodman. taken with my iPhone)

gift guide for: mr. urban nerd sophisticate

ideas for what to get that city-dwelling guy in your life who kinda already has everything he might need… he’s slightly nerdy at heart but has developed a sense of style and quirk over the years, perhaps. if that sounds like anyone you know, then take a look!

1. shoulder bag; 2. contrast color cashmere scarf; 3. watch; 4. a pair of very cool shoes; 5. striped long-sleeve tee; 6. new glasses; 7. luggage tag; 8. star wars journal; 9. portable flash drive; 10. warm hat; 11. eco-socks