someone said it’s spring.


today is the first day of spring, according to ms. calendar. but in nyc it is still so cold that i would need a coat to go over this coat. plus a hat and a big, big, scarf.

tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow.

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holding on to winter (clothes)


i am a huge summer fan… i love the beach, the sun, and being able to go outside without having to layer on a sweater, jacket, scarf, gloves, hat, and sometimes, boots. that’s six extra things!

but every year when it starts to warm up, i am stricken with anxiety about what to wear. this is mostly because even though winter isn’t my favorite season, i love winter clothes. there are two other issues, though:

1)  i am a creature of habit and once i find the thing i love, i like to wear versions of it a lot. i like to find one great pair of sandals that i can wear every day all summer. i will wear one pair of jeans for a year. i like one bag to keep all my crap in. i am not one of those girls who switches up the bag to match the outfit. no. that is how i lose stuff…

2) i am not into your typical “spring looks”. florals have to be basically amazing for me to consider them. i effing hate that mint green trend from last year and have my fingers crossed it does not resurface. (i feel the same about you, emerald green, a.k.a. color of the year. no thank you.) my favorite colors to wear are black, grey, navy, khaki, ivory, and sometimes, blush tones. these colors don’t exactly scream “spring”, and it can be hard to find stuff in this palette at this time of year. so, for lack of anything seasonally appropriate to wear, i cling to my too-warm winter clothes for way too long. they’re familiar and i don’t have to think too hard about getting dressed. i like that.

this year, though, i’m going to try not to procrastinate. i’m going shopping. and i’ve made an executive decision to wear my favorite nail polish colors all summer long, even if they scream winter.

1. allsaints top/ 2. rag & bone scarf/ 3. madewell t-shirt/ 4. mz wallace clutch/ 5. essie nailpolish in Hot Cocoa and Power Clutch/ 6. pants from joie/ 7. club monaco shorts/ 8. rag & bone camo jeans/ 9. madewell denim shirt/ 10. knotted leather ring from by boe/ 11. linen sneakers from superga/ 12. allsaints t-shirt




black & gold…

….these are the colors i look forward to the most when fall and winter arrive. i’m not ready for it yet, but these items have already caught my eye.

watch/ shoes/ bracelet/ clutch/ purse/ ring/ tank/ earrings/ bra



i’m going to gloat. just for a second.

i recently did something i haven’t done in years. i went inside a tj maxx. i haven’t been avoiding them intentionally, it’s just that i live in new york city and they’re not exactly all over the place.

so a couple weeks ago on a rainy day, i had to return something to the staples in bridgehampton, and noticed a tj maxx at the other end of the mammoth shopping plaza. i had a little time to kill so, why not? i went in and poked around. i weeded through a bunch of junk but was soon torn between a gorgeous black rebecca minkoff bag and these gold shoes from kate spade. kate spade! i own one of her bags that i actually really like, (a christmas gift from mk!) but for the most part that brand is a little too stepford-wife candyland for me. i want to like it, but just feel too much like an asshole in all those bright colors.

however, i love gold. and these are now mine. score.

(photos by laurakinsey)

happy & healthy new year!

high hopes for starting the new year right…. here’s to skinny thighs and a functioning liver!

i’m going to start looking for my willpower now.

1. rebounder trampoline; 2. “for good” necklace; 3. work out top; 4. jump rope; 5. KALE! 6. 3 lb. hand weights; 7. natural rubber yoga mat; 8. cropped work out cover-up thingie; 9. fun sneakers; 10. yummy juice cleanse

gift guide for: mr. urban nerd sophisticate

ideas for what to get that city-dwelling guy in your life who kinda already has everything he might need… he’s slightly nerdy at heart but has developed a sense of style and quirk over the years, perhaps. if that sounds like anyone you know, then take a look!

1. shoulder bag; 2. contrast color cashmere scarf; 3. watch; 4. a pair of very cool shoes; 5. striped long-sleeve tee; 6. new glasses; 7. luggage tag; 8. star wars journal; 9. portable flash drive; 10. warm hat; 11. eco-socks

holiday in: black white red gold

and a little turquoise.

these are good gift ideas, people. for me definitely, and maybe for someone you know, too. someone who likes cooking and needlepoint and travel and big rings.

i don’t really show the holiday spirit by wearing embroidered snowman sweaters, even as a joke. but i will add some pops of red or hot pink and some metallic sparkly goodness to my largely black and grey wardrobe. just looking at all this stuff on one page is making me happy.

stay tuned for gifty ideas for food fanatics and your urban nerd boyfriend. and for some nifty decorating ideas.

until next time…

(1. cutting board; 2. cozy sweater; 3. warm booties; 4. suitcase; 5. essential cookbook; 6. the milk bar cookbook; 7. frenchie ring; 8. zodiac pillows; 9. sparkle clutch; 10. fab scarf)


shoe crush

i’m crazy about bottega veneta’s 2011-2012 cruise collection, especially these shoes! i usually stick to wearing black and grey, but when i do color, it’s color like this. gorgeous. the dress and bag they’re paired with in the ad are just so beautiful, too.