friday favorites…

last sunday we went to stone barns agricultural center near tarrytown. i love to see the animals hanging out and doing their thing, especially the pigs!

some other fun ideas for your weekend…

a yummy meal here and here

nice place for a winter getaway

take a flower arranging class here (if you can – they sell out fast!)

dinner with your movie here. yes, please!

ideas for super bowl treats


knitting below the bridge

(not great) photo by laurakinsey

i took Hugo for his morning walk, and what did i see? people under the Williamsburg bridge, covering the fence in knitted tubes made from the prettiest yarn colors.  i had to stop and ask what was happening, and after a brief, shouted convo over lots of traffic noise, this is what I learned:

the artist is the way-talented Magda Sayeg of Knitta Please.

the project was commissioned by NYC’s own Department of Transportation, along with the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition (nbART) and the Open Space Alliance.

there is a launch party tomorrow, aug. 31st starting at 6pm down the street at IndieScreen, 289 Kent Avenue

my spontaneous photo is pretty bad…but it gives a hint.  i’m hoping to sneak over to the launch for a bit tomorrow evening. then it’s back home to cook mussels and drink wine on the roof with a few friends.

get around town…

friday was such an exciting day… i got a new (to me) bike!  ahhh…. the freedom to whiz around the neighborhood.  what was a 15 minute walk is now a 3 minute ride. and in my new neighborhood, pretty much everything is a 15 minute walk away, so this is gonna be fab!

here’s what’s even better: the bike is a Huffy, just like the first bike i got when i was seven. it’s mustard yellow, instead of pink (good), and has some shiny upgrades in the form of a basket.

now i need a cool helmet.  thinking of this, or  this.  oooh. actually, i think this is the winner…