love it: leanlix

i couldn’t resist. this one’s for the pup.

i’ve totally fallen for these new treat sticks from seattle-based leanlix. the packaging, the product photography, the clever flavor names… everything about it is just-right, in my opinion. hands-down, the best thing i saw at the hh backer show last week.

and following our theme of “edibles” today are two recent articles that i quite enjoyed:

food diary from David Rakoff

-food production on a “twee” scale, right here in bklyn

-tonight, i’m hoping to eat here

-or here

happy weekend!

(photo from

pre-holiday weekend fun…

i hadn’t gone up to midtown to see the twinkling holiday decorations or store windows for a couple of years. on friday, after a lovely dinner right next to the fireplace (here), mk and i went for it… the crowds are a kind of a drag but you have to just go with it. pretend you’re the only people on the street.

my favorite windows were at Bergdorf Goodman… love the giant birds wearing feathery dresses, and the girl with the loooong neck standing next to a giraffe. the Gaga windows at Barneys were also a sight to see… do you want to live in a room where everything is made of hair? where there is a swirl of hair in a picture frame made of hair? rest on a hair sofa and gaze out a window framed in hair curtains? bizarre-o but cool.

want to see where the evening ended? look here.

and… you have to watch this:

(bottom two photos are windows at Barneys; photos above are windows at Bergdorf Goodman. taken with my iPhone)

gift guide for the cheeky animal lover


gifty ideas for an animal lover with a sense of humor AND a sense of style?  yes, please.

there is a lot of this out there:

don’t do this to your friends or relatives who like doggies kitties bunnies whatever. they won’t forgive you. i’m serious.

1. karl pillow; 2. bookends; 3. set of tumblers; 4. Iti cat lounger; 5. mugs; 6. wall sconce; 7. pig butter dish; 8. madison ave. tote bag