happy hour…

in an effort to hang onto that summer feeling for a few more weekends (at least!), i bring you a cocktail recipe, courtesy of my montana-living friend, tammy. she made these watermelon-jalapeño margaritas for me in july and they honestly taste like summer in a glass. (hello, #thingsimaddictedto)

here’s how:

blend one medium watermelon + 1-2 jalapeños (save a few slices for garnish!) in a vitamix or regular ol’ blender until liquid. strain and set aside. you can do this a day or two ahead and keep it in the fridge, too.

to serve, combine 2 oz. premium tequila and 6 oz. watermelon juice into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake it up, and pour into a salt-rimmed rocks glass. add your jalapeño garnish… maybe a squeeze of lime… and it’s done!

if you really want to go nuts, make a pitcher using this ratio: 10-12 oz. premium tequila to 32 oz. watermelon juice.

(photo courtesy of tammy watson)

house envy 4.0

today is my dear, dear friend tammy’s birthday. she and her husband are moving to bozeman, montana in a couple weeks, so when i saw this house in architectural digest last month, i knew i had to save it to post today. happy birthday, tammy!

what a gorgeous place. i’m especially loving the exposed ceiling trusses, the pendants above the dining room table, and those crazy comfortable-looking leather chairs in the living room. you can see the entire slideshow here.

(photography by Joshua McHugh)