seen around town…

call me strange, but i think this is really pretty

there are versions of this all over my block. love the cursive “e” and “s” 

easily the fifth or sixth heart i’ve seen spray-painted around the neighborhood

i take hugo on lots of walks, and have learned to always bring my iphone with me so i can take a quick snap of something when it strikes my fancy. which is almost every time we go out…

all photos by laurakinsey

exploration preparation

grafitti heart. on the street in south williamsburg.

this coming weekend is a holiday. mk! and i decided we’d try to get to know our new neighborhood. we haven’t done much so far besides work and try to unpack.

i lived in brooklyn before. just a totally different part. and after 8 years in manhattan it’s a bit of an adjustment.

so. this weekend i am going to learn to love my new neighborhood. that’s right. we’re breaking out the bicycles (i hope) and hitting the town. will be back later with the highlights!