friday favorites…

happy friday, everyone.

don’t ask how, but i managed to come down with a major sinus infection during the heatwave we’ve been having here on the east coast. i’m hoping to shake it by tomorrow so i can practice some baking. turning on the oven might sound like a dumb idea, but there are so many fruits and berries available right now… it just seems like the perfect time to experiment.

if the weekend lasted more than two days, i’d love to do each and every one of these things:

the cheese market and dairy fair at the new amsterdam market tops my to-do list on sunday!

visit monet’s garden exhibit at the new york botanical center

check out williamsburg’s farmers market

a class in making and decorating model boats? sounds interesting…

take a tour of castle williams on governors island

visit the cloud city exhibit by tomás saraceno at the met

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weekend snapshots

happy monday! i’m hoping everyone had a great weekend. mine flew by and the theme was indulgence… (too much food! too much drink!) but the weather was perfect and mk! and i did some great exploring. highlights? a drink and a snack at the recently opened parish hall, and a great little cocktail at two door tavern, involving cucumber vodka, black pepper, soda water, and lemon or lime. the weekend was nicely bookended by beverages on rooftops – and the ease and frequency with which this is possible might just be one of the best things about new york city.

hester street fair

last summer i became a huge fan of the hester street fair, which is held every saturday on the lower east side in manhattan. well, every saturday from mid-spring to mid-fall, that is, and when they closed up shop last october, it gave me mild anxiety. which is why i was so excited when i heard saturday was opening day. i contemplated going at 10 on the dot but waited until the more respectable hour of 2pm to stuff myself. and i ate enough calories to cover me for about 3 days…but it was totally worth it.

favorites? the korean bulgogi from we rub you. grilled, thin-sliced marinated beef with sesame apple slaw, plus shredded carrots and cilantro on a challah roll. i mean, come on! i could have eaten two. or six, but i wanted to save room for other things.

i scarfed a couple of pork tacos from brooklyn taco. enjoyed a to-die-for cup of salted caramel crack ice-cream from ample hills creamery. downed a mini mojito flavored cupcake from prohibition bakery and a little s’more from s’amore! (which i love – see this old post). the sugar was starting to hit and my friend betty jo and i were super full. she got coffee from the amazing cafe grumpy and we walked around some more, looking at prints and jewelry and old books… but thoughts quickly returned to food. should we get a lobster roll from luke’s? a ricotta cheesecake pie from pie corps, or maybe a popsicle from la newyorkina? i did buy the fruit & nut granola from spatzi’s and thought about buying some pickled cauliflower from sour puss pickles. but i was too full and suddenly my bag felt to heavy. i know what the solution is.  i will have to go back next week.

(the hester street fair runs saturdays 10-6 from april 28th – oct 27th. more info here)

ICFF 2011

Spring is not generally my favorite month in NYC. The weather is still kind of gross and I never know what to wear outside. All that time spent debating about whether or not I need a jacket… So needless to say, my mood improves greatly when the International Contemporary Furniture Fair rolls in to town.

I’ve always had a thing for furniture….I studied interior design in college, and was beyond excited to be taking a course in furniture design during a semester abroad in Florence. I was sooo disappointed when I got there and was told the course had been cancelled… would I like to take ceramic restoration instead?  (NO!)  When I go to a show like ICFF or bklyndesigns I can’t help but wonder what that one course might have led to.

Oh, I know. Boo-hoo. I’ll get on with it…

This year’s show was lovely. I talked to designers from Spain, England, Bosnia, Japan, and Turkey, New York, and Cleveland. I petted lots of amazing textiles, parked in a ton of cool chairs, and stared dreamily at light fixtures for so long my eyes went spotty. I managed to take a few pictures, too…

(clockwise from top left: footstool; blankets, pillows, seating & ceramics)

Nice, right? In my opinion, the best part of ICFF is the mix of product that comes from established, dynamic, style forward companies, (Tom Dixon, Jonathan Adler) and the stuff coming from sole proprietors. I saw a lot of booths manned by a single person, the same person who is designing wallcovering, screen printing pillows, or throwing pots. VERY inspiring!

Speaking of wallcovering, I’m a bit of a junkie… and I’m desperate to find a place to use Scrapwood Wallpaper by artist Piet Hein Eek. Materials that are meant to mimic other materials often don’t do the original justice, but this really blew me away. Well, not just me. They won the ICFF Best in Show award in the wallcovering category. Well deserved…
(photo courtesy of