friday favorites

for the record, i hate when it rains. it’s raining right now, and will rain tomorrow and probably saturday, too. however…. watching a big, dramatic thunderstorm unfold from inside the apartment is kind of great. it has to be the kind of thunderstorm with crazy, fast-moving clouds, sun streaking out from behind as it rushes past. not just regular old rain. (snore…)

anyway, i hope the weeked isn’t a wash for everybody… i’ll keep my fingers crossed. but just in case you’re stuck inside with your nose in your computer, here are some interesting dribs and drabs for you.

ice cream sandwiches are great… but how about an ice cream slider?

delicious looking ideas for bell peppers… thank you mark bittman…

this looks like a lovely spot for brunch in fort greene…

this edith wharton exhibit sounds really interesting…

i’m trying this over the weekend… my arms better get ready…

sweet nyc cab story

is it weird that an eataly just opened in rome? i do love the one in nyc, though.

have a great weekend!

(photos by laurakinsey)

friday favorites…

happy friday! i’m really craving a nice long brunch this weekend. i’ll take an old favorite or somewhere new. we’re talking about an indulgent brunch here, one that starts with a cappuccino, moves on to a few bloody marys, and involves something sweet. and lasts for so long that it just makes sense to have a pizza afterwards. what are you going to do to celebrate your weekend?

enjoy these little dribs and drabs….

these will put you in an italian state of mind, and you only have to go to the west village…

or learn to make your own ice cream here in brooklyn…

i need to get this cheese grater

i tried this last weekend… on sourdough bread with sliced grape tomatoes and truffled sea salt. it was good. it was sooo good…

if you love the summer-camp-for-adults vibe of ruschmeyer’s, you’ll love it here

speaking of hotels, there’s a king & grove hotel in my neighborhood. and it has a pool

speaking of pools, how does swimming near the brooklyn bridge sound?

or maybe you’d like to swim under it. looks fun, right?

this video teasing mixologists is cracking me up. i’ll take a moist yoga mat, please…

have a great weekend.

(image credit)

friday favorites

i love these food photographs by myan soffia – they’re really cheering me up on such a dreary, rainy, NYC friday. so are her gorgeous shots of Los Angeles and the nature surrounding the city. (all available in her online shop, sixth & main).

some other friday favorites…things to see, eat, dream about:

this reminds me of elephant ears and carnivals…

i’m not really one to enter a lot of sweepstakes, but this one from west elm seems like it might be worth the effort…

speaking of morocco, (see above!) take a peek at this amazing spot…

a bloody mary with sausage? maybe…

this apartment! love it…not totally sure why every man’s apartment has to have a guitar perched somewhere. but this is still pretty great…

the Cindy Sherman exhibit at MoMA. i saw it last night and it’s amazing…

the short suit trend…i’m on the fence. thoughts?

this ice cream looks like it’s to die for. and you can make it yourself!

enjoy. happy weekend!

friday favorites

(photo by Irene Suchocki)

some friday goodies for you:

L.A. architecture blog…. from Moby!

this kind of made my eyes hurt, but i like it

an interesting talk on window farming

it’s fashion week here in NYC. don’t go hungry, now

etiquette for working at a coffee shop all day (or, at the “coffice”)

really happy that i live around the corner from Gourmet Guild

i’d like to go here… pretty much right now

and here

enjoy the weekend!