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Hey hey! Happy February, all.

Earlier this month i had the pleasure to do a test shoot with a talented photographer and lovely new friend, Anne-Claire. She blogs here, and you can see more of her work here. We got together on a chilly Sunday morning and I’m happy to share the results. It was a day of cake, ice cream, tea, snacks, and, so we didn’t bounce completely off the walls, some nice healthy vegetable juices. Enjoy!

reading list

it feel like i’m always buying a cookbook. that said, there are always more that i’m dying to get my hands on…


lately all i want to eat is thai, vietnamese, chinese. dumplings, noodles, spring rolls. korean bbq and hot sauce. i didn’t grow up eating a lot of food like this, but i’m on a mission to incorporate this style of food into my repertoire. every page of this book is gorgeous. every. page.


david lebovitz’s blog is a treasure… it’s more or less chock-full of everything i’d ever want to know. i scoured it deep this summer and last while planning long-weekend trips to paris. (thanks for this recco, by the way…) so it’s a no-brainer that i need this book.

this cookbook is so exciting that it has it’s own video! which i’ve watched about 17 times, because i also love the apartment. i don’t know if i really need a lot of the recipes in this book (does anyone really need a recipe for avocado toast or a grain bowl?) but it looks stunning all the same.


obviously. if you don’t already own yotam ottolenghi’s earlier cookbooks, ottolenghiplenty, and jerusalem, get those while you’re at it. you need them.


last on my list, for now at least, is this book. it was a great pleasure to be one of the assistant food stylists on this book. quite possibly the most fun two weeks ever! being around so much beautiful food, gorgeous props, and nice, talented people was a real treat.

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nurturing your hobbies

i love learning how to make almost anything, and i probably have a few too many hobbies to really become good at any of them! i’ve taken classes in knitting. sewing. how to make felt flowers. beading necklaces. (the list goes on, but i’ll spare you.) it IS important, i think, to find the time away from work to nurture the things that inspire us. but a challenge, right?

i’ve always been a big fan of eating and cooking and reading magazines and blogs about eating and cooking and watching TV shows about eating and cooking… and lately i’m inclined to want to learn more about food styling. i’m always arranging my meals in a pretty fashion just for my own amusement. i guess the next step would be to capture it somehow – it might be time to recruit a friend with a fancier camera that the one i’ve got!

or maybe the next step is to buy the book Plate to Pixel featured on the lovely stephmodo blog last week. it really got my wheels turning… can you see why?

video by Taylor Mathis 

until the book arrives, these fab food blogs should keep me occupied:

* tartelette (ms. plate to pixel herself!)

* michael ruhlman

* the island of dr. gâteau