love it: leanlix

i couldn’t resist. this one’s for the pup.

i’ve totally fallen for these new treat sticks from seattle-based leanlix. the packaging, the product photography, the clever flavor names… everything about it is just-right, in my opinion. hands-down, the best thing i saw at the hh backer show last week.

and following our theme of “edibles” today are two recent articles that i quite enjoyed:

food diary from David Rakoff

-food production on a “twee” scale, right here in bklyn

-tonight, i’m hoping to eat here

-or here

happy weekend!

(photo from

pet project…

i’ve refrained from adding any photos of my dog to the bloggity-blog so far, because i was afraid it would make me seem like a crazy pet lady. you know, like someone who wears embroidered sweatshirts and lives with 16 cats and keeps her glasses on a beaded chain. and i’m not sure if i’m ready to go there yet.

THAT SAID…i’m in love with Door Sixteen‘s post from the other day. Anna featured a little collage of photos of her adorable dogs. i, too, have been obsessed with taking photos of Hugo using ever since downloading it back in feb. (the pics look so much more interesting with than a regular camera phone!) ┬áit seems we’re both enamored with the Early Bird filter, too… it just works so well with that milk-white fur, doesn’t it?

not only am i inspired by Anna’s post, i’m a little spooked, because one of her dogs looks like Hugo’s twin… am I right?

photos by laurakinsey