project: bedroom

the bedroom still needs a lot of work. we moved 10 months ago, but it kind of looks like we just unpacked.

find a duvet cover

get a dresser(s)

i should really hang the mirror that’s leaning against the wall

do i want a rug (?)

artwork… may have found something! i love these abstract landscape paintings from artist¬†Chelsea James.¬†aren’t they beautiful?

(from top: still, 60×60; season, 60×72; paragon, 48×48. all paintings are oil on canvas.) see more here.



prints, please


I’m searching for some artwork for the apartment and fell in love with these prints from Castle & Things. I also kind of fell for some of their bedding, too. I moved in March and the duvet is still coverless… Anyway, these are screen-printed by hand in small batches, and would make a welcome addition to some of the naked walls around here. Love the simple geometric shapes and color combos.

(from top left: semi spot; zebra, big blue confetti, and dicsus 6. all photos courtesy of Castle & Things.)