the bikers of williamsburg…


the man with the flowing beard

there is a two-lane bike path that runs along my street here in williamsburg. when i moved here a couple years ago, i was suprised at how busy it is, with bikes flying by in both directions. but it makes sense – the closest subway line is a fifteen-minute walk away, and if you want to go into the city, that’s great. but if you’re trying to get to greenpoint or DUMBO, or literally almost anywhere else in brooklyn, it’s not that helpful. in other words, get your bike out of storage if you’re going to live here.

as is the norm here in the ‘burg, anyone doing anything is working some kind of look. even on the bike. i started to see a few recurring characters, and my friend and illustrator extraordinaire erin mcgill has captured a few of them perfectly. today we bring you a little series, the bikers of williamsburg. enjoy!

photo-20the girl who rides with no hands

photo-21the unicyclist… and his dog


the man with his sheepdog

i can’t help but wonder about them each a little… like, how does that girl who rides with no hands not fall off? and how on earth does that guy get on and off the unicycle while holding the dog’s leash? and i’d love to know what’s up with flowing beard guy… his story must be interesting, right?

(artwork by erin mcgill. see more of her work here)

see this…

if a man walked up to you on the street and said, “you have an interesting face. i would like to do your portrait.” would you walk away, or would you be game?  in 1927 Paris, a young woman named Marie-Thérèse said, “why not?”

the man was Picasso.

leaving my storage unit on west 21st street the other day, i noticed a sign for the exhibit Picasso and Marie-Thérèse: L’amour fou at the Gagosian Gallery. trust me, it’s worth ducking in. the gallery space is lovely, and the real treat is that while i’ve seen many of Picasso’s well-known works, i don’t think i’d ever seen any of these. perhaps they’d be new to you, too?

view the exhibit here.

partial view of the sign above the door. photo by laura kinsey using