farmers market finds

gherkinsuntil this summer, i had never seen these before – don’t they look like teey tiny watermelons? during the last couple weeks of august, i kept seeing them out at Balsam Farms in Amagansett. the farm stand had them labeled as “gherkins… or mini sour cucumbers from mexico”.

well, when i see the word gherkin, i think of pickles which i hate so i totally ignored these the first time around. the following weekend they were still there and my curiosity got the better of me. as it turns out, they taste just like a super-crunchy cucumber… delicious. i’ve been throwing them in tomato & mozzarella salads and eating them plain.

some very quick internet research yielded this: they grow on a vine called melothria scabra, and are sometimes also called mouse melon. isn’t that cute?


house envy 3.0

this amagansett home was featured in the nytimes t magazine back in may. swoon-worthy indeed. i love that this modern barn look was infused with all sorts of great finnish style… my favorite bits are the light fixture over the seating area, that pile of wood in the corner, the embroidered rug, all the marimekko fabric, and that serene bedroom….

this house belongs to tiina laakkonen and her husband. she also has a shop in amagansett that i love to pop into called tiina: the store. it’s got the same aesthetic, and sells the most gorgeous things for your home, including these chairs from ilmari tapiovaara. 

don’t these have adirondack chairs beat in terms of style? i think so. put these on my porch any day.

beach day!

finally, a beach day! the weather out here has been a little less-than beach-y lately. yesterday was an exception. the waves were enough to attract surfers and paddle-boaters, too. we stocked up on sunscreen and snacks from Mary’s Marvelous! and parked it in the sand for the entire afternoon…. t’was nice!

have a look and a listen to the waves if you like:

by the end of our beach day, i was doing silly things like taking pictures through the holes in my hat and making a “beach still life”. but i love doing that! and there were lots of things on the beach to play with – washed up seaweed, some seedpods, pieces of wood and shell. i think this one is superior to a recent beach still life from Mexico – which was a flip flop, my visor, and a water bottle.

our lovely beach day was topped off by dinner at Duryea’s in Montauk. eating and watching the sun set is a real treat, no? and there is that orange water again…

photos by laurakinsey


weekend wrap-up

greetings to a new week!


(photo by laura kinsey)

did anyone get up to anything good over the weekend?  i left brooklyn last friday for points farther east, at least until this thursday. the weather has been crap, but you know what that means? naps. 90 minute coffee breaks in town. afternoon prosecco and brisk beach walks. even with all the rain, i had a great weekend here, here, and here.  hope you did, too!