house envy 3.0

this amagansett home was featured in the nytimes t magazine back in may. swoon-worthy indeed. i love that this modern barn look was infused with all sorts of great finnish style… my favorite bits are the light fixture over the seating area, that pile of wood in the corner, the embroidered rug, all the marimekko fabric, and that serene bedroom….

this house belongs to tiina laakkonen and her husband. she also has a shop in amagansett that i love to pop into called tiina: the store. it’s got the same aesthetic, and sells the most gorgeous things for your home, including these chairs from ilmari tapiovaara. 

don’t these have adirondack chairs beat in terms of style? i think so. put these on my porch any day.

monday obsession…

over the weekend i came across an online shop called ladies & gentlemen, and now i can’t get this crocheted megadoily rug out of my mind. OR the bear paw salt and pepper shakers… OR those neat lil spoons. but really, what a nicely curated online shop. check it out!


thursday buzz…pillows

i love throw pillows…. like, to the point of wanting my own throw pillow business. (sometimes!) but in the end, i think abc carpet & home does it better than i ever could. inspired by the image above, i bring you this thursday’s buzz: pillows. pillahs. pillerz. enjoy.

(top photo credit here. at bottom: 1/2/3/4/5/6)

house envy 2.0

happy fourth of july, everyone! i hope everyone is picnicking, swimming, hiking, grilling, etc. here’s a little smattering of rooms i love, all from different houses this time. enjoy!

(image credit: top, and below: 1/2/3/4)

house envy: italy 1.0

every wednesday we’ll take a look at an amazing home or collection of interior spaces that make me go all swoon-y. first up: this amazingly peaceful masonry home located in ripatransone, italy, by architect fabio barilari. i love the neutral color palette, sparse furnishings, and sweeping views of the Italian countryside. can’t you imagine sitting in that eames rocker with a macchiato, staring out the window while thinking deep thoughts? or better yet, no thoughts?

see all the photos (and floor plans!) here

(photos by vincenzo barilari)

kitchen bits

i love looking at kitchen & dining room features in magazines. more often than not though, i like a couple elements but not the whole thing. for example, i’ll love everything but the style of the cabinet fronts, or think the light fixtures are amazing while everything else is average. i’m not super crazy about any of the above spaces as a whole, but feel very strongly in love with several things… from the top:

those concrete floors!

that charcoal paint and mix of chair styles

that chinoiserie style cabinet that i can just see the edge of could look great tossed into a more minimalist space  (but you’re not coming, minty cabinets)

ceiling beams… casement windows. and that pantry storage cabinet with sliding glass doors is amazing. like an old medicine cabinet.

okay, so that’s the fun, right – cobbling together the dribs and drabs to make one perfect space.

(photo credit here)

vogue living…

a couple weeks ago, i was admiring the “farah” shoes from tabitha simmons online…. (you have to watch the video on her website!) and then on friday, vogue arrived in the mail and now i get to see inside her house. leave it to vogue. they have the best house & home features, and i especially love it when the featured space is here in NYC.

first the shoes:

now the house:

(photograps by Françios Halard for Vogue, story by Lynn Yaeger)

project: bedroom

the bedroom still needs a lot of work. we moved 10 months ago, but it kind of looks like we just unpacked.

find a duvet cover

get a dresser(s)

i should really hang the mirror that’s leaning against the wall

do i want a rug (?)

artwork… may have found something! i love these abstract landscape paintings from artist Chelsea James. aren’t they beautiful?

(from top: still, 60×60; season, 60×72; paragon, 48×48. all paintings are oil on canvas.) see more here.