friday favorites

possibly the most hilarious thing ever.

i can’t read 50 shades of grey. i just can’t. i heard the writing is baaaaad. and the voice on the e-book sounds like your mom. well, not YOUR mom. just like a mom. i’ve heard.

anyway, i like a parody and i like cookbooks and i like chicken so this book might make it onto the shelf. i needed a recipe for “Dripping Thighs” anyway.

you can read more about it… oh, everywhere…

huffington post

follow this cookbook on twitter

actually, while you’re on twitter, follow @RuthBourdain, too. worth it.

coverage on eater.

does anyone remember this alluring chicken photo from the nytimes dining section last september? it has it’s own twitter, too.

and a facebook page with a modest 490 followers devoted to 50 shades of bacon. amazing.



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