friday favorites

for the record, i hate when it rains. it’s raining right now, and will rain tomorrow and probably saturday, too. however…. watching a big, dramatic thunderstorm unfold from inside the apartment is kind of great. it has to be the kind of thunderstorm with crazy, fast-moving clouds, sun streaking out from behind as it rushes past. not just regular old rain. (snore…)

anyway, i hope the weeked isn’t a wash for everybody… i’ll keep my fingers crossed. but just in case you’re stuck inside with your nose in your computer, here are some interesting dribs and drabs for you.

ice cream sandwiches are great… but how about an ice cream slider?

delicious looking ideas for bell peppers… thank you mark bittman…

this looks like a lovely spot for brunch in fort greene…

this edith wharton exhibit sounds really interesting…

i’m trying this over the weekend… my arms better get ready…

sweet nyc cab story

is it weird that an eataly just opened in rome? i do love the one in nyc, though.

have a great weekend!

(photos by laurakinsey)

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