friday favorites…

happy friday! i’m really craving a nice long brunch this weekend. i’ll take an old favorite or somewhere new. we’re talking about an indulgent brunch here, one that starts with a cappuccino, moves on to a few bloody marys, and involves something sweet. and lasts for so long that it just makes sense to have a pizza afterwards. what are you going to do to celebrate your weekend?

enjoy these little dribs and drabs….

these will put you in an italian state of mind, and you only have to go to the west village…

or learn to make your own ice cream here in brooklyn…

i need to get this cheese grater

i tried this last weekend… on sourdough bread with sliced grape tomatoes and truffled sea salt. it was good. it was sooo good…

if you love the summer-camp-for-adults vibe of ruschmeyer’s, you’ll love it here

speaking of hotels, there’s a king & grove hotel in my neighborhood. and it has a pool

speaking of pools, how does swimming near the brooklyn bridge sound?

or maybe you’d like to swim under it. looks fun, right?

this video teasing mixologists is cracking me up. i’ll take a moist yoga mat, please…

have a great weekend.

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