things i’d like to eat right now…

or more truthfully, “things i should eat right now”. i spent last week eating hot dogs, hamburgers, and hot dogs, and am really trying to revert back to “clean eating” this week. look, i love beautiful salads and produce and chicken and fish and all that. soon it will be totally routine and normal to have my mung bean and quinoa salad for lunch and maybe an arugula salad with pretty tomatoes, poached egg, and lemon-dijon vinaigrette for dinner. but right now it seems like such an abrupt switch and i’m equating all of last week’s food excess with fun, and this kind of food with…not fun. which i know is a bad way to look at it. if these pretty wraps and salads and gorgeous salmon dishes can’t pull me back from the dark side i don’t know what will….

it helps that tasting table, which i adore, introduced a new newsletter this week called good taste. i really love their take on balanced eating. however, tasting table also sent me an email about attendting an event where they’ll serve nothing by sliders and beer. ha!

(wraps, salmon salad, quinoa, more salmon)

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