dream dining 3.0

tokyo. i’ve never been, and maybe-kind-of-who-knows-sort-of have a plan to visit at some point. not having a concrete plan didn’t stop me from getting the tiniest guide book you could ever imagine for a city so large. it’s small type densely covers the front and back of twelve accordian style pages. of course, there is a section on restaurants, and takazawa really stood out to me. for seven years the restaurant served only two tables a day.  this year they expanded to ten seats. not ten tables. ten seats. i don’t speak japanese… at all, so not everything on the website is clear to me. but it looks like there’s a set menu and you eat what the chef feels like making on the day you are there. i find that exciting and terrifying, as i’m not always the most adventurous eater. usually, though, traveling makes me braver than i am here at home, and this seams like a great place for my tastebuds to take a leap.

this article about the restaurant and the chef dates back to 2007… but it’s still an interesting read.

(photos from takazawa’s website)

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