dream dining… 2.0

amazing, right?

this week’s dream dining destination: the restaurant at the nomad hotel in new york city. it’s more or less in my backyard, but i haven’t been yet. the restaurant is run by the same chef as eleven madison park, which bodes really, really well. i love the building it’s in, the dark and clubby look of the interior, and the food…. the food looks to die for. tdf, for short. this roast chicken for two (above) is their signature dish, and arrives stuffed full of brioche, foie gras, and truffles. oh my.

(photographs from the nomad hotel’s website)

3 thoughts on “dream dining… 2.0

  1. Absolutely Mrs. K (@AbsolutelyMrsK)

    i travel a few times a year to nyc! so far my favorite hotels are the chatwal and the greenwich hotel! in one week we are coming to island and we have chosen the nomad to stay at! never stayed in the neighborhood but i couldn’t resist the eclectic look of the hotel

    1. laurakinsey

      the neighborhood is great – not touristy like times square but close to everything. you’ll be near Hester Nights, the Ace Hotel, and Koreatown (W. 32nd street). have a great trip!

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