i’m going to gloat. just for a second.

i recently did something i haven’t done in years. i went inside a tj maxx. i haven’t been avoiding them intentionally, it’s just that i live in new york city and they’re not exactly all over the place.

so a couple weeks ago on a rainy day, i had to return something to the staples in bridgehampton, and noticed a tj maxx at the other end of the mammoth shopping plaza. i had a little time to kill so, why not? i went in and poked around. i weeded through a bunch of junk but was soon torn between a gorgeous black rebecca minkoff bag and these gold shoes from kate spade. kate spade! i own one of her bags that i actually really like, (a christmas gift from mk!) but for the most part that brand is a little too stepford-wife candyland for me. i want to like it, but just feel too much like an asshole in all those bright colors.

however, i love gold. and these are now mine. score.

(photos by laurakinsey)

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