friday lunch

usually when i’m out to dinner, i want to order something i either don’t like to make at home or don’t know how to make at home, because really, evenings out should be about adventure, in my opinion. for brunch, however, i feel the exact opposite it true – i generally want something involving eggs or pancakes, two things i’ve made at home a zillion times. there’s something about getting exactly what i want, no surprises, first thing in the morning that’s kind of great, and a perfect start to the day.

which brings me to this avocado and egg sandwich. an odd pairing which i’ve been happily enjoying for i can’t remember how long… i think it goes back to those days in fall 2001 when i was suddenly unemployed. i secretly thought of it as my “poor girl” meal. i mean, it seemed so humble, and kind of weird. avocado on bread? who does that? but it was good, and filling, and one avocado could be used for two meals – and i thought it was suitable for any meal of the day, including breakfast.

so as it happens, i ate this frequently for a long time and one day just sort of forgot about it. or maybe i OD’d in it and flat out decided not to eat it anymore…i can’t remember. but it’s re-emerged in my life as of late. i doubt this is really new, but i’m just noticing it on brunch menus at restaurants and as the favorite go-to meal of several blogger types out there… see here, for one example. and a couple weeks ago at allswell in williamsburg, i ordered it off the menu. theirs comes on chili bread topped with slices of avocado and a poached egg on the side and some salad greens and it was amazing. when i do it at home, i like to mash up the avocado with some lemon (easier to eat) and add some chives and sea salt over the top of the whole thing. i tend to use whatever bread is around, including english muffins. (by the way, they’re onto something at allswell with that chili bread…)

(photos by laurakinsey)

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