strawberry season

there aren’t many things better than berries straight from the farm, are there?

growing up, my family had strawberry and raspberry bushes in the backyard, a small grove of apple trees, a couple sour cherry trees, and a row of pear trees in the front yard. i think this is why i’m such a fruit fanatic. i’ll take a fruity dessert over a chocolate one any day.

living in brooklyn, i can’t just walk outside and snack my way through the backyard, but i happened to be by the union square greenmarket yesterday, and everyone had strawberries for sale. i bought two big containers, and aside from slicing and eating them, or making fruit tarts like i did in my pastry class, i need to figure out what to do with the rest. thank you, interweb, for these great ideas.

above from left: (click the number to see original recipes and photos)

1. vanilla roasted rhubarb & strawberris

2. strawberry shortcake cookie

3. grilled strawberries

4. strawberry-vanilla swirled frozen pops

5. fresh strawberry pie with whipped cream

6. strawberry fool

(top photo by laurakinsey)

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