kitchen bits

i love looking at kitchen & dining room features in magazines. more often than not though, i like a couple elements but not the whole thing. for example, i’ll love everything but the style of the cabinet fronts, or think the light fixtures are amazing while everything else is average. i’m not super crazy about any of the above spaces as a whole, but feel very strongly in love with several things… from the top:

those concrete floors!

that charcoal paint and mix of chair styles

that chinoiserie style cabinet that i can just see the edge of could look great tossed into a more minimalist space  (but you’re not coming, minty cabinets)

ceiling beams… casement windows. and that pantry storage cabinet with sliding glass doors is amazing. like an old medicine cabinet.

okay, so that’s the fun, right – cobbling together the dribs and drabs to make one perfect space.

(photo credit here)

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