friday favorites

i love these food photographs by myan soffia – they’re really cheering me up on such a dreary, rainy, NYC friday. so are her gorgeous shots of Los Angeles and the nature surrounding the city. (all available in her online shop, sixth & main).

some other friday favorites…things to see, eat, dream about:

this reminds me of elephant ears and carnivals…

i’m not really one to enter a lot of sweepstakes, but this one from west elm seems like it might be worth the effort…

speaking of morocco, (see above!) take a peek at this amazing spot…

a bloody mary with sausage? maybe…

this apartment! love it…not totally sure why every man’s apartment has to have a guitar perched somewhere. but this is still pretty great…

the Cindy Sherman exhibit at MoMA. i saw it last night and it’s amazing…

the short suit trend…i’m on the fence. thoughts?

this ice cream looks like it’s to die for. and you can make it yourself!

enjoy. happy weekend!

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