in love with a burger…

this week i’m attempting to have mostly juice meals. it’s pretty boring, and since i’m delerious for solid food, let’s take a look back to last week. i was in los angeles and palm springs, and super excited to try Umami Burger. we don’t have them here in NYC. not yet, anyway!

it was so cukoo bananas good that i went two days in a row.

first up…i went to the new location in Hermosa Beach. i had my fancy camera and was ready to take my little baby burger’s photo as soon as it was delivered. but it looked so amazing i think my brain melted – i forgot all about the photo!  i opted for the Cali Burger, with slow-roasted tomato, butter lettuce, cheese, and that big pillowy, brioche-y kind of bun branded with a U on the top. so no picture, but it’s okay! there’s a whole slew of them on the Umami Burger flickr page.

the next day was my flight, but i had time to walk to the Umami Burger in Santa Monica and have another before take-off. i boogyed over there like my life depended on it, sat alone at a table outside, and ordered immediately. the Greenbird this time, a turkey burger with their “green cheese”, sprouts, and avocado. and fries. a little more clear-headed this time, i managed a few photos. their lemonade is also pretty incredible, by the way.

i’m in love. but i was full…and guess what the in flight meal was? yes. a cheeseburger. i decided to pass.

 (photos by laura kinsey)

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