snack of the week: s’mores from S’amore

this saturday, i made my first stop at Brooklyn’s DeKalb Market. it’s a mix of food and retail vendors selling their wares out of salvaged shipping containers. great idea, right?

except that now i have what could become a serious problem – constant cravings for homemade s’mores from s’amore.

i had the classic combo – homemade honey graham cracker with homemade vanilla marshmallow and a little bit of chocolate. the marshmallow gets toasted with a little mini-torch, and damn if it’s not the best thing i’ve eaten in the last 4 days.

the great thing is that you can choose from all kinds of marshmallows… vanilla, peppermint, chai…and different kinds of graham cracker… chocolate, salted caramel, pumpkin…and instead of a square of chocolate, you can have nutella, a peanut butter cup, or cream cheese frosting! (these are just a few options – see more here!)

the other great thing is that two NYC gals started this business. love that!

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