hunting for chairs

the industrial dining table from West Elm has recently been purchased for the dining room.  it looks like this:

but without the rug and curtains and pine trees. i live in brooklyn.

now the question is… chairs.  i have three Eames chairs from DWR… not fiberglass though, they are the newer version, made of “eco-friendly polypropelene”. (is there such a thing?) one is the DSR side chair in white and two are DAR arm-chair style in aqua. maybe i make life simple and just get three more white side chairs, and put the blue ones at each end.

or maybe i do something like this:

rustic, modern, farm-house-y… i hadn’t looked at anthro’s furniture section for a while. nice options.

or maybe i stay (more or less) in mid-century modern land, like this. i could update my white DSR chair to have the dowel base instead.

the Steelwood chairs are the chairs in the dining room at ABC Kitchen. the photo doesn’t do them justice, they are soo much more interesting in person.

top photo: Industrial Dining Table from West Elm

middle photo, clockwise from top left: Dalloway Armchair in gold, Dalloway Side Chair in sky, Redsmith Dining Chair in red, and the Earnaness Chair

bottom photo, clockwise from top left: Wegner’s Wishbone Chair in light blue, Jacobsen Ant chair in black lacquer, Steelwood chair in white, and the Eames Dowel Leg side chair in white

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