this could be life-changing…

has anyone been seeing ads for the Cricut lately?  i don’t know if it’s a brand new product, but it’s new to me. you can get cartridges with all kinds of pre-set designs, size and position them as you like, and then this little gadget cuts them out for you. in whatever quantity you want. magic.

on a related note, i bought the book Paper + Craft several months ago, sure that i’d be throwing festive soireés with all kinds o’ fancy paper crafty touches… placecards. goodie bags sealed with customized stickers. that kind of thing.

it hasn’t happened. i guess the idea of cutting out designs one by one for my whimsical straws, placecards, and paper lanters was just too overwhelming.

i haven’t seen any of this upclose, and have no idea if the pre-set designs are, well, any good. but i see potential, especially if eventually i can create and upload my own designs.

might have to add this to the christmas list….

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