holiday in: black white red gold

and a little turquoise.

these are good gift ideas, people. for me definitely, and maybe for someone you know, too. someone who likes cooking and needlepoint and travel and big rings.

i don’t really show the holiday spirit by wearing embroidered snowman sweaters, even as a joke. but i will add some pops of red or hot pink and some metallic sparkly goodness to my largely black and grey wardrobe. just looking at all this stuff on one page is making me happy.

stay tuned for gifty ideas for food fanatics and your urban nerd boyfriend. and for some nifty decorating ideas.

until next time…

(1. cutting board; 2. cozy sweater; 3. warm booties; 4. suitcase; 5. essential cookbook; 6. the milk bar cookbook; 7. frenchie ring; 8. zodiac pillows; 9. sparkle clutch; 10. fab scarf)


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