beach day!

finally, a beach day! the weather out here has been a little less-than beach-y lately. yesterday was an exception. the waves were enough to attract surfers and paddle-boaters, too. we stocked up on sunscreen and snacks from Mary’s Marvelous! and parked it in the sand for the entire afternoon…. t’was nice!

have a look and a listen to the waves if you like:

by the end of our beach day, i was doing silly things like taking pictures through the holes in my hat and making a “beach still life”. but i love doing that! and there were lots of things on the beach to play with – washed up seaweed, some seedpods, pieces of wood and shell. i think this one is superior to a recent beach still life from Mexico – which was a flip flop, my visor, and a water bottle.

our lovely beach day was topped off by dinner at Duryea’s in Montauk. eating and watching the sun set is a real treat, no? and there is that orange water again…

photos by laurakinsey


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