great depression chic?

so i hear that the apple-pie flavored moonshine from Ole Smoky (shown at top left) really, really, tastes like apple pie. it does have a cinnamon stick floating around in it. one of the guys at the wine shop in amagansett where i spotted it had a pretty genius idea…. he suggested pouring a shot over some vanilla ice cream.

now wait a minute. if i heat this apple pie moonshine up a bit first and then pour it over the ice cream, isn’t that sort of like an American-style affogato? yes! yes it is! oh, i know what i’m doing this fourth of july….

photo by jennifer causey for the makers project

i’ve tried the moonshine from Kings County Distillery. mk! spotted it at our local wine shop in brooklyn and couldn’t resist the packaging. beware…. a little goes a long way towards making you fall asleep on the sofa during your own party.

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