nurturing your hobbies

i love learning how to make almost anything, and i probably have a few too many hobbies to really become good at any of them! i’ve taken classes in knitting. sewing. how to make felt flowers. beading necklaces. (the list goes on, but i’ll spare you.) it IS important, i think, to find the time away from work to nurture the things that inspire us. but a challenge, right?

i’ve always been a big fan of eating and cooking and reading magazines and blogs about eating and cooking and watching TV shows about eating and cooking… and lately i’m inclined to want to learn more about food styling. i’m always arranging my meals in a pretty fashion just for my own amusement. i guess the next step would be to capture it somehow – it might be time to recruit a friend with a fancier camera that the one i’ve got!

or maybe the next step is to buy the book Plate to Pixel featured on the lovely stephmodo blog last week. it really got my wheels turning… can you see why?

video by Taylor Mathis 

until the book arrives, these fab food blogs should keep me occupied:

* tartelette (ms. plate to pixel herself!)

* michael ruhlman

* the island of dr. gâteau

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